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Forgot or lost your dice? You can still keep rolling, thanks to Dice Chucker.

Just Input the Following:

  1. How many Dice you want to roll,
    up to 999
  2. How many Sides the dice have,
    up to 9999
  3. Total Modifier to add or subtract,
    up to +/-99999
  4. Push the ROLL button

Dice Chucker will generate random whole number results (from 1 to... a whole lot) produced by functions written in Javascript.

Roll Results and History

By default, Dice Chucker shows three different aspects of your roll. You see the input values, the sum total of the dice roll, and a list of each roll from Highest to Lowest. Plus, the History will track the last 5 rolls, with most recent at the top.


Customize how your results are shown. Besides the default settings, you can also show the results sorted from low to high or in the order they were rolled, and also input variables to cull just the highest rolls, lowest rolls, or truncated sets (dropping the highest and lowest, Olympic Scoring style). The history can be set to show up to 50 results as well.

Creator and Code

Dice Chucker was created by A. Alex Smith. A graphic and web designer, Alex started working on his developer foo. He wrote a javascript routine for random number generation and decided to spin it into this fully fledged front-end project. He wrote all the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery you see here. Project files available on GitHub (under Apache License 2.0).